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1995 the Finnish linguist Jorma Koivulehto gave support for the theory of common etymological roots of the names Kainuu and Kvenland. As is emphasized in the text, Ohthere's account was an oral statement, made to King Alfred, and the section dealing with Kvenland takes up only two sentences. The book is in Finnish, also published in Swedish as Östersjövärlden (1984) and in English as Ancient Powers of the Baltic Sea (2006). Olaus Magnus map of Scandinavia 1539.

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Jaakkola, Jalmari: Suomen varhaishistoria Proto-history of Finland. DNA study published in m on April 26, 2012. Old Norse sagas suggest that Kvenland covered the entire Fennoscandian area. "Kalevala: the Finnish national epic". Porvoo, 1956 a b c d Julku, Kyösti: Kvenland - Kainuunmaa, page. Migration waves from the 16th century onward have brought Finnish settlers to Northern Norway from the modern-day areas of Northern Sweden and Northern Finland, mostly from the northern coastal areas of the Bay of Bothnia. 49 In 1980, the University of Oulu professor Jouko Vahtola pointed out that there is no evidence of the name Kainuu being of Western Finnish origin and considered it to have Eastern Finnish roots. Archived at the National and University Library of Iceland It is not sure if this is a reference to Sami people or some other group.

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This article is about ancient Kvens and Kvenland. Some have suggested that there may have been misinterpretations of terminology. Kvenland is then situated to the northeast of Sweden and might be placed somewhere around the present-day Swedish Norrland or the western part of the present-day Finland. However, Finland is not listed in any of the saga's surviving versions, indicating that it might be a later addition by someone who did not recognize Kvenland any more. 5 Ohthere's mention of the "large freshwater meres" and of the Kvens' boats are of great interest. There is no mention of Kvenland after that. 12 Recent archaeological discoveries made in Finland have further emphasized the close ties between Gotland and modern-day Finland during the primeval era. Citation needed Hversu Noregr byggdist and Orkneyinga saga edit Further information: Kings of Kvenland Three medieval Icelandic accounts discuss Kvenland.

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Stretch from the east behind Norway, namely Karelians (Kiriali) and Kvens (Kwæni corneous Sami people (cornuti Finni) and both peoples of Bjarmia (utrique Biarmones). Starting somewhere on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, Nór had either gone all the way up and around the Gulf, or skied across; it was winter, and the gulf might have been frozen. 36 There is archeological evidence linking Satakunta and Lapland (for example types of skis) but skipping the areas between which suggests that expeditions were undertaken from Satakunta to the North during the late Viking Age. Based on the archaeological knowledge of the north, Vahtola did not believe that there was a separate Iron Age tribe called Kvens. The ancient Norse knew the Northern ruler-goddesses by the names ggjar (singular: ggr ) and ívijur (singular: ívija ). Book is in Finnish, Swedish translation published in 1969. But what tribes dwell behind them, have we no certainty.

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Whatever the etymological origin of the element kven, it effortlessly translates to "woman" in Old Norse. A b Orkneyinga saga. Modern reappearance of the terms "Kvenland" and "Kvens" edit Repeated claims about there in mediaeval times having existed a country named Kvenland, populated by a Finnish-speaking people named Kvens, have reappeared in modern times in northern Sweden and northern Finland, amid claims that the "Kvens". 31 Kvenland and Pohjola edit In a theory somewhat closely related to the Kainuu theory, Kvenland has also been associated with the legendary Pohjola. The saga tells how Norwegians taxed the Sami people, 20 but there is no indication in the saga that the Kvens would have competed with the Norwegians for control of the Sami or lived near or among them. 1226 (in German) Charles Anthon, A classical dictionary containing an account of the principal proper names mentioned in ancient authors and intended to elucidate all the important voksen bleie elskerei keski suomi points connected with the geography, history, biography, mythology, and fine arts of the Greeks and Romans: Together with. Kvenland, in that or nearly that spelling, is known from. Kaukonen, Väinö: Kalevala Lönnrotin runoelmana. So notoriously do they degenerate not only from a state of liberty, but even below a state of bondage." According to a view shared by many historians weasel words, the term Sitones (Kvens 25 26 ) shares etymological roots with Sigtuna, which much later had. Edited by Kyösti Julku. August Pauly, Christian Walz and.S. Originally Kvenland was more likely situated in the Southern-Ostrobothnia but when this habitation disappeared in the early 9th century for unknown reasons, the Norwegians continued to apply the term Kven to the men of Satakunta and Häme who inherited the Northern trade and taxation.

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